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Our Chiropractors are standing by 24/7 to answer your questions and can see you immediately.  Let us help you as we have successfully helped many patients in the Louisville area.  If you need your injuries evaluated immediately, call us (502) 449-5955. 

Transportation and Same Day Appointments are Available!

We can perform complete examinations and discuss your treatment plan.  We have a digital x-ray unit in our clinic, and use electronic medical records to ensure compliance and efficiency.  We utilize the latest modalities:

Chiropractic  Massage  Ultrasound Passive Exercises Passive Activities Moist Heat

Electric Muscle Stimulation Lumbar Bracing

In addition, we have a network of Medical Doctors, Orthopedist and Neurologists standing by, should their services be required.

We can refer you to an MRI Specialist which can diagnose Herniations, Protrusions, Sprain/Strains and Tears.  Our experienced staff will help with all referrals, insurance claims and billing.  We will provide 100% of our services to you and treat you as if you were family.

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